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Eternal Voicemail Message

Ummmm yeah. Hi. This is Dean. Well, Dean's voice. I'm not actually here right now for some reason. So leave a message and I'll get back to you? If I know your number anyway. If I don't, you should probably leave that too. This phone has too many buttons.

Tangled Webs

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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last week I gave shadeblossom a kidney (1000 points). In November I put money in zippo_arms's expired parking meter (14 points). Last Thursday I punched lena_essex in the arm (-10 points). In January I bought porn for light_as_a_rock (-10 points). In October I gave blueisaqua a Dutch Oven (-10 points).

Overall, I've been nice (984 points). For Christmas I deserve a Nintendo Wii!


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Meme 'cause I'm bored

Go to www.urbandictionary.com and enter the answers to the following questions in the search box then post the first result.

1) Your name? Dean

Used to describe someone really cool or high up on a social chain. These people are very powerful so must be respected.
That kid over there is so a Dean, all sexy and cool.
I want to get somewhere in life, where is Dean?
"you are sooo Dean, you rock!"

2) Your age? 18
The age where an American can:
1. Legally buy pornography
2. Legally buy cigarettes
3. Legally gamble in Indian Casinos
4. Legally be concidered an adult
5. Be tried as an adult in a court of law
6. Be drafted for a war they don't believe in
... but still cannot buy alcohol.

3) One of your friends? Aiden
Aiden is a post-hardcore/emo band from Seattle. They have three awesome albums out: 'Our Gangs Dark Oath', 'Nightmare Anatomy', and 'Rain In Hell'.

They have some awesome music!! I saw them in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. They're pretty awesome live too. =]

They have 5 members in the band:
wiL Francis,
Nick Wiggins,
Angel Ibarra,
Jake Davison,
& Jake Wambold.

They are currently signed onto Victory Records. Their first album, 'Our Gangs Dark Oath', was released by Dead Teenager Records and later that year re-released by Victory Records.

4) What should you be doing? homework
Homework: (Noun) a punishment given to students by evil teachers after the students have already put in 7 hours of hard labor. (See evil)

5) Favorite color? Blue

The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.
The sky is blue.

6) Birthplace? California
1. State the produces more food than anywhere else, has crazy night life, large schools, hot women, a load of stuff to do, and a the longest beach anybody has ever seen.
2. A place you'll want to stay in once you visit get there.
3. Extremely diverse.
3. Much more entertaining than Texas.

7) Month of your birthday? September
a month with a nice temperature and everything but its when school starts :(

8) Last person you talked to? Tony

a great man, a horny basterd though
"Get the duck sick, ho" said Tony

9) One of your nicknames? King Dork

A great book by Frank Portman. A tale told Tom Henderson, not so lovingly nicknamed "Mo" (Hehe) by his fellow classmates, about how he tries to unravel the mystery surrounding his father's death. Includes some awesome new vocab including Chi-Mo and Ramone. .



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and if you want to give me some practice, Bucky

Trick or Treat!

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
naivemechanic goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Captain America.
4th_blackknight tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
anyastark gives you 13 milky white strawberry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
funny_hats gives you 9 red mint-flavoured gummy bats.
fury_scion gives you 19 yellow cinnamon-flavoured jawbreakers.
kangithard gives you 1 light blue lime-flavoured nuggets.
lena_essex gives you 3 mottled green root beer-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
mishaloganovich tricks you! You lose 41 pieces of candy!
rogue_starsr gives you 19 purple vanilla-flavoured gummy bats.
shadeblossom gives you 15 softly glowing coffee-flavoured jawbreakers.
sonoflongshot gives you 4 light blue raspberry-flavoured wafers.
naivemechanic ends up with 42 pieces of candy, and a broken balloon.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.


Weekends were his alone

Sunday through Thursday, Dean limited himself to just the races he went on with Misha. They were fun races, but they really weren't a challenge for the most part. Dean won more often than not and the traps the other gangs put out were easily maneuvered through anyway. THey were fun races...but they weren't what he needed to lose himself.

Because that's what the races were for, now. Not really to test out the newest mod he'd made, but to just fly iwth him and the bike and the only thing he had to depend on was something that had only been touched by him, something that wouldn't die on him, or leave him.

Friday and Saturdays, after Misha left Dean, that was when Dean worked in the nasty races. The races that he didn't know if Misha could handle. The races where he'd taken the nickname, the Iron Centaur as a bit of irony. Those were his races. He could race until nearly dawn on Fridays and Saturdays, and no one would really care. It was his time alone, and that's all he needed. He didn't win all the time, but he won often enough he rarely had to dip into his weekly winnings to fund the weekend fun. He needed the weekends. They kept him sane and able to get through school, through being at the condo.

OOC meme filled with dean's information

If you lived at the X-Mansion by tigerlilygamgee
Your Code Name
Your Mutant PowerFlight
Your RoommateCecilia Reyes
Your Costume ColorsRed & Orange
You Will DateCyclops
You Will Fight WithLongshot
Your Best Friend Will BeIceman
You Will Be Betrayed ByDazzler
Your Arch Rival Will BeMagneto
Your Number of Missions Will Be97
The Percentage of Successful Ones Is


Going to the play

"Bye!" Dean waved to Tony as soon as he'd changed into a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt. He'd been delayed almost too long already. Kidnapping took forever. And he really wanted to finish that last cake for Cassie and Nate. He hoped he was dressed enough, but if he wnated to get to a florist before they they ran out of flowers and still make the musical he had to book it. The kidnapping had almost made him miss this. That would have sucked. As it was, he didn't have time to even grab dinner before he jetted. He hoped there was a florist in Westchester that wouldn't be closed. He didn't think a bouquet would be able to survive on the back of his motorcycle. Checking his pockets for his wallet and keys, he darted back inside to grab the ticket. Would suck not to have that.

Breaking most of the speed laws, he kept a careful watch for cops, and even still, nearly got caught three times. He barely made it into the florists with almost no time to spare to do a bouquet. He knew that changing the oil in his car wasn't any excuse to not bring flowers. Chelsea had broke up with him because of that. He didn't want to disappoint Hana.

He did look at the roses, but they didn't really match Hana that much. They just...weren't right. She was too bright for boring roses. Besides, that's what you got a girlfriend.

"Can I help you?" the florist...Dinah by her nametag, asked.

"I hope so," Dean responded. "My friend is in the play..."

"At the community theater," Dinah nodded understandingly. "So you're being a good friend and getting flowers."

"Yeah," Dean nodded.

"Roses are classic," Dinah said thoughtfully.

"They're...pretty," Dean said. "But she's got lots of people who'd bring roses."

"And you want hers to be unique?" Dinah asked.

"She's my friend," Dean shrugged. "She's fun and promised to teach me to dance and is going to let me work on her motorcycle."

"So a girlfriend?" Dinah asked interestedly starting to pick out flowers.

"No!" Dean blinked. "She's not scary or anything like that. ANd she doesn't hit me. Her brother does, but he's teaching me to fight so I don't think that counts."

Dinah nodded understandingly, and showed him the bouquet of wildflowers. "Will this suit?"

Dean looked at it. It had all different kinds of flowers with all different colors. It looked perfect. "Thanks!" Shelling out the money, he put the bouquet carefully on his bike to get to the theater, and slid inside right as they closed the doors.


Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Amy


Email: cero_ate@yahoo.com

AIM (if you have one):cero ate

Character Name: Dean Robert Clarkson

Character LJ (if applicable):


Physical description (face, build, weight): Dean is fairly strong from working on cars, bikes, anything with a motor, but not overly buff. He’s got dark brown almost black hair, and green eyes. In facial features he does resemble a teenage Tony quite a bit. He’s about five eleven, and still has the awkward gangly look of someone who hasn’t quite grown into his height. He’s about average in build, not overly skinny nor overly muscular. Clothing wise, pretty much everything he owns is either blackish grey or grayish black, except for his red jacket. Also, pretty much everything is grease stained.

Age: 18

PB: (If using one.) Matt Dallas

Abilities: None, very good mechanic, decent cook

Weaknesses and flaws: He doesn’t know how to fight at all, he has a habit of saying things that make perfect sense in his head, and wind up getting him slapped by girls or beaten up by their boyfriends. He believes in the inherent goodness of pretty much everyone except the obviously evil. He’s a good mechanic but has a near impossible time actually writing down what he did, to make things go better, faster. The only time he’s good with electronics is if they’re involved with whatever he’s working on mechanically.

Character location/Home: (Presently only Avenger, X-Men or Inhumans are available for heroes. Contact the mods for others.) New York City

Alignment (villain, hero etc): Civillian

Relatives (living/dead?): David and Denise Clarkson, deceased adoptive parents. Tony Stark unknown biological dad Kathy Dare, unknown biological mother, deceased.


Dean was adopted by David and Denise Clarkson as an infant and lived in the same suburban town and neighborhood his whole life. He started helping his dad fix cars at five and learned quickly until he was taking care of the family cars himself at eight. He has an uncanny ability with mechanics. Other than that he’s pretty ordinary if above average in intelligence He did fail shop three times in high school for his inability to actually write down or explain why what he did made things more efficient.

Family-wise, he’s had a pretty ordinary life, both parents worked, came home at five and they all worked together or traded shifts for home cooked meals. The house was always open to whatever friends he wanted over and his mom tended to explain the parts of social behavior that he didn’t get himself. He’s had a few girlfriends, the most recent, Karla lasted over six months. Usually they last about two. He tends to acquire them through fixing their cars.

He was offered a place at a private NYC high school, and had decided to take it, which meant he was moving away from home. Also, he recently came into an inheritance from his biological mother’s family. Soon after that, his parents died in a freak car accident for which he blames himself. He is now on his way to NYC, and has rented a larger apartment than he’d have been able to otherwise, as well as a garage to store his motorcycle that he’s built from the ground up, and the wrecked car he is still investigating to find the cause of the accident.

Sample post:

They say your Senior year of high school is when you really start to think about being an adult. You kind of have to…it’s just nine months and you’re walking across some stage somewhere and being handed the keys to your future. Twelve long years of school, leading to a piece of paper and being declared in societies eyes able to hold down a halfway decent paying job. Voting may come earlier or later, but until you’re out of high school, you’re really not considered an adult.

Unless you had a summer like I did. See, I’m pretty much a normal guy usually, with a knack for electronics. I’ve had girlfriends, a lot of them actually. They never seem to last much longer than a month or two with me for some reason. I do what Mom tells…told me to do, take them out to the movies, or out to dinner, sometimes dancing if that’s what the girl wants. We live…lived in a small upper middle class suburb, and I’ve know most everyone here all my life.

But this summer, I inherited a fortune from my birth mother’s family, and my parents were killed in a freak car accident. I haven’t figured out why their car failed, it shouldn’t have failed. I know. I’ve had my hands over ever inch of that car myself. That’s what I do. I’m a mechanic at heart. Mom used to joke I had grease running through my veins, ever since I was little. I was supposed to go to a private academy in New York for gifted kids. Mom and Dad saved enough money for me to get a small apartment for the school year…with the money from the inheritance, I can get a bigger one. I also have a garage I bought, so I can work on the car and figure out where I failed my parents. Because it was my fault somewhere. I know it was.

So now, I have to be an adult anyway. Not just think about it, but actually be it.

Dean muses on all this as he walks around looking for anything he’d left behind. The moving van is packed up with what he’d need in the apartment and his tools. Not top of the line tools, but good ones none the less. He’d been acquiring it piece by piece since his Dad first figured out he had a knack for anything mechanical. The haul-away storage container is filled with what’s left, and the house is on the market judging from the sign in the front lawn. There is a car is on a trailer behind the moving van that is crunched and probably never will be drivable again. He had the motorcycle’s gas tank filled, his helmet is on the handle bars, and he’d probably beat the van by a good half day. Taking one more look around the house, he sighs. He’d miss the place, but it isn’t fair to let it stand empty, when some new family could be making memories in it. He closes the door, locks it one last time, and hands the keys to the waiting real estate lady. The movers close the truck and Dean take a deep breath putting on his helmet to leave this place.

“Dean!” Karla calls running across the street before he was able to take off.

“Yeah?” Dean asks, taking the helmet off. He and Karla had been dating for almost four months. Her engine had lots of problems. He didn’t understand why she’d chosen a car with that many when she’d bought it. He had her just about perfect now though. Just the occasional breakdown.

“Look under my hood one more time?” Karla asked. Dean nodded grabbed the saddlebag with his basic kit and walked with her across the street, curious about what was making noise this time. He went to pop the hood and she turned him around and, standing between his legs, kissed him hard. He could feel himself blush about six shades of red. She was the most aggressive girl he’d ever dated.

“I wanted to send you off,” Karla tells him.

“We said goodbye a week ago.” Dean tries to point out.

“I wanted more,” Karla answers.

“More than the drive-in?” Dean asks, surprised. He’d never taken another girl to the drive in. It was special to him and Karla

“A lot more, Dean,” Karla replies.

“I don’t have time.” Dean carefully pulls her arms from around him. “I have to get to New York within twenty four hours.

“Your bike can get you there that fast easily,” Karla responds.

“I don’t want to push her that hard,” Dean says protectively. “Does your car need work?”

Karla glares. “I thought all you needed was time, Dean. Time, and showing you what you’re missing. Apparently I’m wrong.”

“I’m sorry?” Dean asks, still confused.

“Have a good life.” She points to his bike. Still confused, Dean walks back and puts on his helmet. Girls were weird. Oh well, New York City, here he came.